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***Ramadan Mubarak.   Inshaallah Ramadan will begin on Saturday (May 27th). ***  Salat-ul-Isha begins at 10:15 PM::: Like ALERT Messages from Us, please send text to 22300 with "ALERT" in the message field ;

Asalamalakium Wa Ramhmtallahi Wa Barakatu

Welcome to the Muslim Mosque Assocation (MMA). MMA was established in 1947 by the immigrant muslim community of sub-continent, building the first house of Allah (SWT) on the west of the mississippi river. This is a house of Allah SWT, and every muslim is a member of this house. MMA's activities are based on the model of Masjid Al Nabwi (PBUH). We are here to serve the muslim community in their religous, social, political, and educational needs.

Ramadan 2017

Our activities include:

  • Dawat (Invitation to Islam)
  • Taleem-Wa-Tahalam (Teaching and Learning)
  • Zikr-Wa-Ibadat (Prayer Services)
  • Khimdat (Services to the community)

We, the members of the MMA, welcome each and every muslim to this house of Allah (SWT). Wa Ramhamtallahi Wa Baraktu

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